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Enjoying The Benefits Of Enrolling In And Taking Group ESL Classes

Bertha Frazier

As a non-native English speaker, you may want to learn the language as quickly as possible. You want to gain proficiency in it so you can better take part in society and apply for and secure better employment.

However, you might want to avoid having to learn the language entirely on your own. You can instead enroll in and take part in group ESL classes to become a proficient speaker of the English language.

Opportunities to Practice

When you enroll in group ESL classes, you may enjoy more opportunities to practice speaking the language. Your class teacher may have you and other students speak to each other in English. You can practice speaking not only single words and phrases but also entire sentences in English during the class.

Your teacher is on hand to correct and advise you as you practice. You may pick up and become proficient in basic sentences in the first few weeks of class. You can use this basic knowledge as a foundation on which to become even more proficient and confident in speaking English.

Learning to Listen and Recognize Words

You also can learn how to listen for and recognize English words in group ESL classes. It is not enough that you learn how to speak and pronounce words yourself. You also must learn how to understand English when it is spoken to you. 

Your group ESL classes will teach you to listen to your teacher, as well as your classmates, as they speak English to you. You can learn to recognize what words they are saying. You can also learn how to respond to them based on your own recognition of the words being spoken to you.

Creative Use of English

Finally, your group ESL classes teach you to use English creatively. You may learn to rely less on standard answers and perfect your own creative way of speaking the language. You may learn to tailor your answers to questions posed to you and likewise pose your own questions using your own wording and phrasing. By learning to use English creatively, you can become confident in speaking the language and learn how to utilize it to your advantage in social settings or when applying for work.

Group ESL classes offer a number of benefits as you learn English. You gain opportunities to learn how to speak it. You also learn how to listen and recognize words, as well as use English creatively when speaking to others in social settings or when seeking employment.

For more information on group ESL classes, contact a professional near you.


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